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ROUND ONE – CRAFT YOUR SIGNATURE CUPCAKE: After discovering the success factors to a perfect cupcake, let your imagination go wild and get valuable feedback from your fellow bakers on textures, flavours and decorating combinations so that yours could be the winning entry.

ROUND TWO – IT’S CHOC.  IT’S CHIP. IT’S COOKIE! Discover the secrets on how to achieve the perfect chocolate chip cookie so that you’ll have people queuing at your door wanting more!

ROUND THREE – All RISE!  Learn key facts about flour and how to make simple, yet oh so delicious, soda bread.

ROUND FOUR – ADDICTED TO CHOCOLATE. Discover the secrets of gorgeous, silky, chocolate ganache

ROUND FIVE – ARE YOU READY? OVEN ON? BAKE! Bake along live challenge – this is the only time you’ll get your ovens on in this challenge.  Secret recipe to be revealed!

STAR BAKER CEREMONY + BONUS PASTRY TRAINING: Discover my 10 secrets to pastry success and whether you have won first prize to the pastry course of your dreams. Woot!

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