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In this session, we’ll chat about your baking journey so far and what your goals and aspirations are for your baking.

I’ll give you all the delicious details about my VIP day and we’ll see if is a good fit for you.  If it is, we’ll find a mutually convenient date and get you booked in so be sure to have your calendar handy.

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Macarons By Monday

Become a supremo macaron maker in just a few days!


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The Perfect Pastry Masterclass

 Become a ninja at shortcrust pastry in 10 weeks or less!

The Perfect Pastry Masterclass will help you:

  • Learn the basic theory behind shortcrust (or pie crust) pastry-making. You will understand the ‘why’ behind the outcomes of your pastries – and how to fix whatever might be going wrong.
  • Discover never-fail recipes. No more disasters destined for the bin!
  • Understand key techniques on how to achieve perfect light-and-crispy pastry including how to prevent the crust shrinkage, how to prevent a soggy bottom and how to roll out the pastry thinly and evenly.
  • Master the craft of both savoury and sweet shortcrust pastry, their key differences, and how and when to apply their unique properties.
  • Embed, validate, and reinforce your learnings as each module progresses with lots of feedback and support, providing the opportunity for you to iterate your way to awesome!

I’ve put all my years of shortcrust pastry making experience in this one class to give YOU a front-row perspective where you can learn everything I learned WITHOUT wasting 30 years repeating my same mistakes. 

Chocolate tart decorated with fresh raspberries
Slice of treacle tart on a silver serving knife

But don’t just take my word for it …


Here’s what my students have said about The Perfect Pastry Masterclass:

A fantastic online course. Each module was very well explained. Shirley’s demonstrations on how to make every single pastry recipe, roll, bake, and filling the tart couldn’t be more clear. All my questions to Shirley were answered in the Facebook support group and we were able to post our achievements of every tart we baked for the other members to see and for Shirley to give her professional opinion. The mid week call was very helpful. We had the opportunity to talk about each module, to have Shirley giving us all tips of the trade. It is always difficult to weigh if a course in general is good value for money. But I would say The Perfect Pastry Masterclass course is worth its price. I have learnt a lot from it and the value of time and money spent is noticeable as I prepare my pastry nowadays. Thank you Shirley.


I felt the course went beyond my expectations. I achieved far more than I expected. All my worries about pastry making are now resolved. No more soggy bottoms or shrinking pastry. I feel a lot more confident about making recipes that include pastry.

The personal feedback given by Shirley in the FB group, was of great value to me. It was a joy to take part. 


Absolutely, can’t believe I’m actually happy to make pastry now, my kitchen doesn’t look like an explosion in a flour factory and rolling it out is a dream ?


I found this to be a great online course for learning the intricacies of pastry making. There was so much content and instruction offered that the value far exceeded the price of the Program. Shirley’s expertise and nurturing style helped me feel very well cared for during the program despite my being a beginner baker.  The videos are clear and broken down into doable segments.  The recipes were well chosen for the teaching points and deliciousness.  The course was easy to follow, and the live Q&A sessions were very helpful for getting clarification. Unfortunately we got hit mid stream by the challenges of COVID 19, but Shirley continued to support us through the end of the Program and has given lifetime access to the course materials. I look forward to trying the rest of the recipes once ingredients are available again in the stores! Overall, my hats off to Sharing Deliciousness!


The Perfect Pastry Masterclass aims high (teaching quality and baking output) without compromising the fun aspects of learning something new and making mistakes.

I was intrigued to see how it would work virtually. The result was better than expected: the materials are excellent (a membership website with weekly training modules and aid memoirs), along with Shirley’s expert video demonstrations of each bake.

Throughout the course I felt part of a community. The weekly group coaching meetings (a combination of instruction by Shirley and Q&A with participants), along with the Facebook chats (which included postings of our bakes and words of encouragement), all aided our collective and individual learning.

The course is excellent value for money. Shirley is a master at what she does, and I would encourage anyone who is serious about their pastry making to sign up. 


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