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Are you frustrated with pastry projects gone wrong?!

Baking disaster

Or maybe you are an aspirational baker wanting to make those gorgeous, ‘how on earth do they do that’ kind of cakes?

Baked Victoria sponge cake filled with jam and cream

Have you experienced the horror of soggy pastries, shrunken crusts, or setting off the fire alarm…again?

Or maybe you’ve tried that pretty cake recipe so many times and you just can’t seem to get it to look anything like the stunning picture in the cookbook despite following the recipe to the letter?

Baking pastries can seem like too much hassle, a confusing challenge to master, or even a lost cause. How many times have you tried to bake at least a decent pastry only to have it end in an epic failure?

If you’re anything like me, you love pastries. Not just eating them, but how they look and the nostaligc memories that might be associated with them.

So, why does it seem SO hard to create something you love so much? At this point you may even be throwing up your hands and wanting to quit…

“I burned them again! And my kitchen looks like a flour bomb has gone off!”

“These taste awful! They’re going straight to the bin!”

First, can I say bravo for trying your hand at pastries! They can be tough little monsters to bake, so kudos to you for at least trying!

And, you’re in luck! I have good news for you…

There is hope for you AND your beautiful pastries

What if your friends and family raved about your apple pies? What if you had the absolute confidence to bake almost any pastry you want for any occasion you need?

Baking pastries isn’t as difficult as you’re probably experiencing right now. It’s not your fault that no one ever taught you how to make a great pastry.

That’s why I spent the past 30 years testing, trying, iterating, and mastering the art of making pastries.

And now, I want to give YOU the inside scoop of everything I know so you can be successful in your baking all by yourself!

Yes, you CAN master making pastries. No more kitchen alarms going off. No more batches headed straight to the bin. No more crumbly, ugly pastries that are more sad than scrumptious. No more off-handed comments from friends or your mum wondering, “You call THAT a pie?! Gracious! Maybe pastry isn’t your gift…”

That all changes by starting with my 10 Secret Essentials To Perfect Shortcrust Pastry.  It’s just one click away!


3D book image

10 secret essentials to perfect shortcrust pastry

Take the guesswork out of your pastry dilemmas once and for all. 

  • How to prevent the dreaded soggy bottom

  • How to prevent the crust shrinking on baking

  • What equipment you need

  • What part the ingredients play

  • How important YOU are!

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